A Dear Friend

Do you want a friend?

I know one, a dear one — 


a shy one, but only if you, too, hide. 

and if you deal in lies, she will not cry or despise –

only die a little in the inside  


yet if you give her a bit of adventure, she might take it on with surprise – 

she might even fill you with fortune, 

and at times may save you from disaster


though don’t forget she might need some help too –

and if in those times you show her love 

do not wonder why it seems

you have just gained a new set of eyes


there is something very special about her

a very dear friend indeed 

–a hidden gem, actually 


her name is life, 

and she is untouched by far too many 


Do not surrender to another in order to gain their respect, instead you must fight to accomplish what you wish, then that respect will come. And that respect will be a much more honest one.